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Illustration, Character Design & Concept Art

As an author/illustrator, I take great care in developing believable characters and worlds. My creative process results in the production of many sketches and exploratory studies. Below are a selection of these early concept works along with final illustrations and published spreads. 


Feet Blue, Chameleon in Training, 2024

View images as a gallery or browse illustrations and concept art below organized by project.

Chameleon in Training

In-progress picture book - tentative release September 2024​

Rookie, Chameleon in Training
Rookie, Chameleon in Training, 2024
Bird Tongue, Chameleon in Training
Jackson Pattern Studies, Chameleon in Training
Edna Character Studies
Dunking Chameleon Study 1, Chameleon in Training
Fly Vines Concept Art, Chameleon in Training

I Live for the Sun

Picture Book - Published 2023 by Post Meridiem Press

Ice Palace, I Live for the Sun
Relax Mate, I Live for the Sun, 2023
Front Cover, I Live for the Sun
Macaroni Penguins, I Live for the Sun
Best Friend Emperor Sheet
Best Friend Flag Sketch
Placing Flag GIF

Parker's World

Sharing Slime, Parker's World
Sharing Slime, Parker's World, 2021