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I specialize in illustration, character design, album/book covers, and paintings inspired from photographs. For new clients, please email with a brief project description including timeline/deadline (if applicable). 

Illustration & Character Design

Character and environment design for picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels.


Book design including layout and type composited with print-ready illustrations.

"We eat it at the seder..." Sample Spread, Client Work

Album/Book Covers

Concept development, illustration, and design for digital or printed album/book covers. 

Piano Poetry and Silhouette of Scars Album Cover Designs, Client Work

Works Inspired from Photographs

Paintings, drawings, or mixed media pieces inspired by real-life subjects such as store fronts, houses, parks, nature scenes, interior spaces, or people.

Typically I work from photo reference provided by clients. When possible, I enjoy sourcing my own reference material.

Hamilton Computer Repairs Painting, Client Work
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